Geobiological study


The methodology applied to perform a geobiological study is called in more detail the Operational Bioenergetic Geobiology, and in summary ‘geobiology’. The ‘geobiology is the study of the telluric and electromagnetic phenomena and their influence on life (human in particular, but also domestic animals, livestock, hives, etc. and on plants). ‘Bioenergetics’, because we use the bio-field, the hands, our axes and energy planes, as the main tool (and not pendulums, for example). ‘Operative’, because it is about operating, acting on the phenomena, as did the ancient peoples and builders, and not just to observe or measure, as is usually the case.

More precisely, it is a science of the environment that consists of searching, studying, mastering the physical and subtle vibratory phenomena that influence living beings (men, animals, plants). It is both a science and an art, since there is a subjective part in many facets. It is similar in many points to cooking, oenology, or music.

Geobiology has deep roots in the history of man, its use is frequent in the ancient civilizations we have studied, and provides explanations for a considerable amount of phenomena and observations, including on the building and the effects of ancient constructions, that without it they would be a mystery. This website will provide examples of this.


Location of telluric networks inside a house

A Geobiological study is a job that consists of diagnosing and then clearing, cleaning the places where we live and work. In addition to the technical aspect, the study takes into account the human aspect, which has a close relationship with the place of life, at all levels.

The objective of the study is to identify the elements that can alter the well-being or health, and neutralize them by adapted and proven means. Another application of Geobiology is the reverse; this is to promote energies of various kinds to voluntarily obtain certain effects, as systematically done by ancient civilizations (and in most of Europe at least until the 13th century) in sacred sites.

These alterations can be of a physical nature (e.g. radon gas, water infiltration), chemistry (e.g. presence of toxic materials), biological (e.g. presence of fungi), telluric, electromagnetic, electrostatic, electrical, etheric (energetic), etc. Some of these alterations still cannot be measured by conventional science by means of known apparatuses. A study of Geobiology is carried out in a professional, methodical and systematic way. It includes five interrelated stages:

It is important to remember that it is not only to detect the problems, but it is to solve them too, and that it is possible to act on almost all the telluric or electromagnetic phenomena. It is possible to displace telluric networks, Cosmo-telluric chimneys, and astral charges. It is possible to solve at least partially the effects of water veins or faults, and of course electromagnetic problems.

The case of high voltage lines is one of the few problems that do not have a satisfactory solution. There are several types of studies according to whether it is a land to build, or a house already built, if it is to evaluate a site before buying, or to meet and resolve a situation (land, housing) already purchased. Depending on the situation, some aspects will have more or less importance. In general, geobiology studies include:


Bioenergy is a method that uses the natural reactions of our life field, as well as sensations with hands and body, as a tool to know and measure subtle energies. Bioenergy, or bioenergetics, is a technique that comes in necessary support of geobiology as we practice it.

It is an alternative to the use of rods or pendulums, which are an intermediate stage of learning. To be able to act effectively on telluric phenomena, it is a great advantage to be able to feel them with your hands.

Why operational?

The term comes from Stéphane Cardinaux. It means that it is not only a matter of measuring or detecting alterations or phenomena, but also of operating, of acting on them, as ancient people and builders did in a systematic way. The wonder of this practice is precisely the ability to modify the energies, act on them, mold them to protect or even enhance our well-being or health.

A science and an art

The methodology and the knowledge we use have been applied in tens of thousands of cases, and we have worked in groups to check many elements, with scientific methods, to avoid problems of subjectivity, which are a risk in this matter, to look for the reproducibility of the observations, etc.

We use our scientific training, not only in the most electromagnetic part, which is a combination of physics with knowledge of the impact on the organism, but also in the most energetic and subtle part, which science will probably explain in the coming years or decades. In this energetic and subtle field, we have checked the reproducibility of the phenomena and their measurement, and the reliability of the tools used. A subjective part is still possible, as in any art.


Through geobiology we can correct many electromagnetic and telluric situations that are very influential in our health, affecting from our rest, our energy, to the immune system.

The benefits of doing a geobiological study at home are:

What we do in the study of your home (or workplace)

In your home or place of work the geobiological study that is carried out includes: